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Standing by those who've already stood by us.

We are a designated transitional resource for veterans and spouses…

The biggest lesson we learned on day 1 was to win as a team…

The company was founded in January of 2012 as a project of the SkyVault Group Marketing Agency in Saint Petersburg, FL.

WeHireHeroes.US (dba WeHireHeroesUSA.com) is an Internet based company that connects employers looking to hire veterans, with military veterans and spouses that are looking for them - and then helps them establish successful working relationships by providing coaching, workshops, tools and resources for both groups.

We believe that much of the PR money and political capital being spent trying to convince employers to hire veterans, (while well intentioned), is grossly misplaced. While we appreciate the publicity and attention, as veterans ourselves, our experience has been that there’s no shortage of employers who want to hire prior-service personnel. The real problem is they can’t find us - because there’s no national database of job-seeking veterans.

So we decided to create one, in the form of a huge social network built specifically for veterans and their supporters. We started building this social network a full year before we launched the site, and it is now one of the largest on the Internet. (Our LinkedIn group alone stands at nearly 25,000 members.)

How to get involved…

Rather than trying to be the world’s biggest job board, the WeHireHeroes.US career resource center is actually built around a network of local job boards, connectedto a social media “publicity megaphone” that allows employers a direct pipeline to the veteran community, while also providing resources and coaching to help candidates land and keep the positions they want.

Because we are veteran owned and operated, we understand veterans better than most. We also respect the incredible capabilities that veterans bring to the table - and we are in a unique position to help make those assets available to employers nationwide.

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The truth is, there are lots of jobs are out there looking for veterans, and lots of veterans out there looking for those jobs. Our mission is to provide a system that consistently brings the two together.

- If you’re hiring, post your positions here.

- If you’re a veteran-friendly business, advertise on the site to reach the veteran community and show your support.

- If you’d like to show your support for our cause, become a sponsor and get your message directly to a market with a total purchasing power of more than $1 trillion annually.

- And if you’re a veteran looking for work, use the site to locate lots positions that are looking for you. Then use the Resource Center for tools and information to help you land the job you want.

The greatest compliment you will ever receive from military veterans is freedom. The greatest compliment you can give a veteran is to thank them in a way that really matters, by getting involved and helping to spread the word about organizations like WeHireHeroes.US. Thank you and we look forward to working together.

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