The military community spends more than 1 TRILLION dollars a year.


The military community spends more than $1 TRILLION dollars a year.

Marketing Strategy

Website Traffic:

  • Peak Global Alexa rank – 289,570
  • Peak U.S. Alexa rank – 58,724
  • Total visitors last month – 46,957
  • Average visitor time on site – 17:31
  • Average pageviews per visitor - 12



Social Media Promotion

  • Gain brand equity while hiring veterans by using our job board and social media network to advertise your open positions and organization at the same time.
  • Feature listing in our 75,000+ veterans’ social media networks.
  • Reach hundreds-of-thousands of veterans where they are:
    • Active social media marketing campaigns for job listings increase brand equity with the veteran community at large.
    • Targeted online marketing based on veteran status, geographic area and other criteria to help you hire qualified candidates as well as potential clients.
    • Maintain constant “top of mind” status in the veteran community with repeated exposure so when the time to find a job or purchase a product/service, they think of you.
  • Be where veterans know to find you:
    • WeHireHeroes.US is the 4th most popular veterans’ job site on the Internet and provides access to a large and varied talent pool of qualified veteran candidates and spouses.
    • Sister brands such as and provide further outlets for promotion to veterans all over the United States and the world.


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