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A Great Extra Benefit
You May Not Have Considered:

Are you ignoring a Trillion dollar market? Your competitors aren’t. Don’t get outflanked - we’ll help you play to win in 2018!

The military community is 39 million people, spending a TRILLION dollars a year.
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Raise Your Veteran-Friendly Profile!

Are you a dedicated veteran-friendly company, but nobody else seems to know about it?

Do you hire veterans and spouses whenever possible? Are you interested in doing more business with the military veteran community?

Let us give you the credit you deserve, boost your standing with this loyal customer base, drive traffic to your website, and help your business do more business with a Trillion Dollar market segment!


  • Reach hundreds of thousands of veterans right where they are
    • Active social media marketing campaigns for your offers and/or job listings increase brand equity with the veteran community at large.
    • Targeted online marketing based on veteran status, geographic area and other criteria to help you reach loyal families with huge spending power.
    • Maintain constant “top of mind” status in the veteran community with repeated exposure, so when the time comes to find a job or purchase a product/service, they think of you immediately.
  • Show up where veterans expect to find you
    • WeHireHeroesUSA.com is the 4th most popular veterans’ job site on the Internet, and provides access to an enormous pool of active duty personnel, veterans, spouses, and family members.
    • Sister sites, such as Veteran Friendly Directory, Voice of the Veteran, Job Squadron, and Civilian Boot Camp provide further outlets for promotion to veterans all over the United States and the world.
  • Your participation may be is 100% tax deductible as an advertising expense! (See your tax adviser to verify.)
Win Unlimited Local Job Listings For A Year



Your End Result;

  1. Build on your authority reputation in your niche,
  2. Establish your company as a strong veteran-friendly businesss,
  3. Accelerate your lead generation process,
  4. Boost your ability to recruit military veterans & their spouses, and
  5. Best of all, have qualified candidates coming to YOU!


Next Step;

Make sure you’re ready for our phone call strategy session! Give some thought to what you’d like to achieve, and what you’re doing now. Mark your calendar; we’ll look forward to showing you exactly how you can get qualified veterans and spouses coming to YOU, while boosting your sales at the same time!

Website Traffic:
  • Peak Global Alexa rank – 289,570
  • Peak U.S. Alexa rank – 58,724
  • Total visitors last month – 46,957
  • Average visitor time on site – 17:31
  • Average pageviews per visitor - 12
Social Media Promotion:
  • Gain brand equity and ROI while hiring veterans by using our job board and resource center to advertise your open positions and organization at the same time.
  • Get promoted on 7 platforms for the price of one! Your ad or listing featured throughout our veterans’ social media network (currently more than 175,000 members).

Questions? Email Lance’s team at

Questions? Email Lance’s team at

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