Military veterans often find it hard transition successfully to civilian life. The biggest problem is not injury or PTSD, it’s a miscommunication created by a lack of understanding of how the civilian world actually works.
Why is it so hard for so many to transition successfully from military to civilian life?

The biggest problem is not injury or PTSD, it’s a miscommunication created by a lack of understanding of how the civilian world actually works. The military can’t effectively do the training; that’s not what they’re paid to do. Civilians can only be so effective, since they really don’t know what troops experience while on active duty.

Only veterans who have made the transition can effectively teach other veterans to do the same and We Hire Heroes, LLC is a group of veterans that have agreed to take up the challenge.

The heart of the difficulty that many veterans face during this process is a gap between the veteran’s understanding of how the civilian world works and an employer’s understanding of what military life is like. The military spends 6 intensive weeks of basic training to turn new recruits into strong, focused, mission-oriented models of efficiency, but they have little to no incentive to help them actually re-civilianize.

Less than 3% of the US population has military experience and while many employers are interested in hiring veterans, they lack clear insight into what it means to be former military and may have a difficult time making a successful connection with their veteran candidates.

“Your veteran status you’ve already earned, but civilian status still has to be learned.” - Lance T. Walker, Managing Director, We Hire Heroes, LLC

It takes conscious effort, time, and accurate information to gain a balanced perspective and develop from former military to the successful, accomplished civilian citizens that veterans are capable of being.

The challenge is, the information they need is not readily available, or is buried in a sea of useless data. And there are, unfortunately, plenty of unscrupulous people out there who are all too eager to exploit a perceived vulnerability for their own social, political, or financial gain.

The mission is to coach and mentor 50 to 100 transitioning veterans within the next year as a test group for the new program and they are actively seeking sponsorships from businesses, organizations and individuals to help us guide more veterans through the program.Visit them at for more information about sponsorships.

Through a special arrangement with a national career coaching firm, We Hire Heroes will be facilitating the 4-week class which extends far beyond any TAP or social media training currently available to veterans. For a full course list visit

The standard price for this training program is $1,200 per student. However, a 50% discount has been negotiated lowering the price to $600. Contributions made to sponsor veteran students will further reduce the cost to only $100 for the student! To sponsor a veteran now go to

Veterans who are interested in learning more about how the program may benefit them can view the full course list and submit an application at

Jonathon Wurm
Marketing Director
(727) 474-1610

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