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Hurricane Harvey
Veteran Relocation &
Recovery Fund

Some need to evacuate: others need to rebuild. You can help us help them - please make a small contribution below.

Amount raised so far: $400 (private)
Latest donor: Harold Taylor, Atlanta GA

Lance T. Walker, Managing Director
Lance T. Walker, Managing Director

My name is Lance T. Walker. Recently, while on a trip to my home town of Buffalo, NY, I was horrified to learn that a massive hurricane was bearing down on my wife and kids in Houston, TX. With planes grounded and roads to the airports already blocked, there was nothing I could do but keep them encouraged and pray as they spent 6 long days hunkered down in the howling wind and driving rain.

In the end, we were lucky. The family home was on relatively high ground. Except for a lot of stress, an unexpected roof leak, and the neighborhood being surrounded by waist-deep water for more than a week, everyone is doing okay…

But many others aren’t.

Rain buckets in the bedroom

Slow-moving, record-shattering Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25th, 2017 as a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 130 mph, and pummeled the Houston region for six straight days. Hundreds of thousands of people remain under evacuation orders, shelters are filled to bursting, and officials are warning that conditions for many residents will not improve any time soon.

We have a tough recovery road ahead of us, but it’s not nearly as bad as what many others are facing. My family was blessed to survive Harvey in pretty good shape. Now we want to pass on that blessing by using our network and reputation to help other veterans and their families recover - but we can only do it with your help.

WeHireHeroesHouston is committed to raising $120,000 to assist up to 75 families who are about to fall through the cracks in the government safety net. Your generous contribution will help us provide groceries, transportation, re-employment, and resettlement assistance to provide a timely bridge over their troubled waters.

Here’s the breakdown for the program:
$80,000 direct assistance for 50-75 veteran families
$20,000 x 4 team members for up to 4 months
$20,000 for administrative costs, supplies and materials

Choose Your Button:
Supporter Level - $100
Patriot Level - $500
GoFundMe - $Any
Active Duty Level - $1000

Thank-you gifts… to express our appreciation for your contribution, we will match it with an equal amount of job listings and/or advertising throughout our military network of 75,000+ members. You’ll also get a permanent position on our Wall of Honor, - and the priceless satisfaction of knowing you stood by those who’ve stood by us, in their hour of need.

Video: Hurricane Harvey Flooding SE Houston

They’re waiting for us… Please don’t make them wait a minute longer than necessary. Go ahead and click on your button of choice below to help me and my team complete this vital humanitarian mission. God bless, and thank you for your support!

Lance T. Walker, Managing Director
Email: admin@wehireheroesusa.com
Direct Phone: 727-238-7811
Callback calendar: wehireheroes.setmore.com

Octavia, the Veteran Van

Choose Your Button:
Supporter Level - $100
Patriot Level - $500
GoFundMe - $Any
Active Duty Level - $1000



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