CDT Productions Published: July 14, 2017
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Salary or Wage
$50 to $65 + tips
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Hello! I am looking for some good, reliable people to deal casino night events in the Dallas - Fort Worth area and sometimes beyond. Blackjack dealers get $50 for a three hour event, roulette dealers get $60 on the night they deal roulette, poker dealers get $65 on the night that they deal poker and craps dealers get $65 no matter what they are dealing. You will also occasionally make tips. Extra pay for helping setup and tear down the events. You get paid the night of the event. Training on any game is FREE!

There is no set schedule but the more you work the more you will get. Reliability and availability are key here! During the summer months you might get one or two events a month and during December you could deal 10 to 15 events.

The attire is a white button down shirt with long sleeves, black pants or skirt (no denim), nice shoes, a black bow tie and I will provide a vest and name tag.

You will deal cards in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. You will have so much fun you will not know what to do with all the fun you are having! You will forge new friendships and see a lot of interesting people. Do this long enough and it will become a very memorable chapter in your life.

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