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It’s all for nothing if we don’t. Transitioning from the military is one of those things that is equally exciting for everyone in uniform. That is not to say the excitement felt is all positive, just that it’s going to score 10 points on the excitement scale. Now that might be five negative and five positive points, or ten positive or even ten negative depending on the terms and the reason for the transition. Any combination of points is possible but the total should sum up to ten on the scale.

It was twenty-one years ago that I made my own leap and I can still feel every bit of the emotions felt on that day and the weeks leading up to it and every year since. I wasn’t ready for it and that’s another story but as soon as I knew it was coming, a job was the absolute number one priority and I spent eight hours a day looking for that next job. The transition assistance program (now called TAP by some) was in it’s infancy and not very efficient beyond the men and women who taught the classes and worked with transitioning service members. Computers were still very new and internet connections were terrible if they worked at all. Most companies were not even on Jobs boards so we still printed and mailed ninety percent of our applications.

We at We Hire Heroes don’t want to scare you and we don’t want to force you to increase your level of activity but we do want to support you and share our experiences with you as you make this leap. We come from all branches of service and served every possible tour length from first termer to twenty plus year retiree. We hope you want to hear from people who walked in your shoes. It really doesn’t matter when you transition, the challenges will almost always be the same. Get a roof over your head and a job to keep it there. That has to be priority one even if the aspirations are much higher. We understand that desire to land that dream job right out the gate and we will certainly do everything we can to prepare you to find that job and to bring that job into your reach. Be realistic and keep your focus on job one. Get that roof over your head and get a job to keep it there. Once you achieve that you will have ample time to go after that job you always wanted and the one you know you deserve. We see people who won’t compromise that higher desire for a lower paying job or one with less prestige and we sympathize. We work with each person with the same amount of energy but we know each person is different and sometimes the high expectations are not followed up with the burning desire to achieve.

We have created the portal for you to register and upload your resume. Search for jobs and invite your comrades to register as well. Register even if you have a job so we can show the quality of candidates we can present. Upload your resume because you never know how long your current job will last. Upload your resume so companies can see it and maybe make you offers for jobs better than the one you currently have. Upload your resume so we can help you improve it if you want us to. We want to see you succeed but to succeed you have to get in the game.

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