WHH NewspaperVeterans and their spouses on Social Media have been getting to know about “We Hire Heroes” for the past few years now. While the network and groups have been growing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and Facebook, organizers have been hard at work developing the ability to help Veterans get back into the workforce or started with entrepreneurial opportunities. There are so many organizations out there fighting for recognition in the Veteran’s market and the competition might be good but we who are in the business know there isn’t enough action to scratch the surface and meet the demand to get Veterans back to work, integrated and functioning in our workforce and society (which we deem as critical).

We Hire Heroes is blasting off with 65 local sites or “Districts”, that tie back in to our national presence. This allows a “one team, one fight” strategy that is unique in this market space. It enables grassroots work in each local community that is flexible to local needs, while being scalable enough to replicate in a new community as soon as it’s developed enough to be ready.

I am honored to lead up the We Hire Heroes efforts in Tampa Bay. With more than 235,000 veterans in our population (roughly 7% of the total), we have reason to put forth our best effort in helping our own. With an estimated 15,000 veterans exiting military service each year, we have our hands full with transition services and just getting individuals and families re-integrated into the local community.

We have many Veterans services here in Tampa Bay and we realize we all achieve more by working together. I am confident that trend will not change and our (WeHireHeroes.US) contribution to the needs of the Veteran in Tampa Bay will be instrumental for the Veteran and the community while inspiring and contributing to a real spirit of collaboration in “getting it done”.

We won’t just be about jobs in Tampa Bay, we will be looking for the best “Good News” stories coming from within our community as well as featuring champions and businesses that are really putting Veterans to work.

For all of our contacts here in sparkling Tampa Bay, I hope you will pass this post around and reach out to me to let me know that you are interested in working with us.


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